Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodbye Newsweek

Dear Newsweek –
For many years you carried me through – informed me, entertained me, and made me feel like I belonged.

I counted on you and trusted you to inform me of a smattering of things happening around the world and in our own country. I could read Newsweek and hold my own at pub trivia, make small talk in the elevator, or follow along while listening to Wait, Wait. I relied on your Conventional Wisdom. I trusted you to walk me through complex issues and help me get a grasp of the unknown. You made me laugh. You made me cry. You educated me.

Things have changes. I just don’t understand you anymore. Oh, on occasion we connect and things are good and I feel loved and wanted. But it is brief. I feel like I’m coming in in the middle of a conversation that you are having with someone else. Like there is a code word that I just don’t know, an inside joke that I’m not part of. (I especially feel like this when you don't caption photos.)

Goodbye. I will never forget the good times.

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