Wednesday, November 30, 2005

2005 WCET Annual Conference

Nov 2005 – In beautiful San Francisco.
Presented with Diane Goldsmith and Bruce Landon. We led a roundtable discussion focused on available e-portfolio systems, implementation stories, and unexpected impacts of student e-portfolios. We included the use of e-portfolios in assessment, advising and career exploration, as well as their use by students to showcase achievements.

2005 CSU ePortfolio Meeting

April 2005 – Yasuda Center at CSUSB.
Teamed up to host another CSU ePortfolio meeting with the education departments. To prepare we sent out a survey asking what subjects are the most important. Clearly the two top issues were implementation and how ePortfolios are being used: assessment tools, informational tools, hiring tools, (candidate evaluation). Third highest was help for students/value for students including graduate’s response on the values of creating a portfolio. These were followed by less popular subjects: How others are progressing; Meeting the needs of district induction programs; Blackboard; How to encourage faculty participation; Incorporating a database and ways of scoring the e-portfolio; Feasibility.

We had four campuses presenting their ePortfolios (LiveText, TaskStream, and campus-built) and sharing what they’ve learned.