Thursday, March 11, 2010

NETP 2010 - briefing SETDA/CCSSO

For a good overview see: for a briefing. I don’t know how long this will be available. (National Press Club) Sponsored by Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) & State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA).

Susan Gendron( Maine Commissioner of Education) does the welcome - and Jeff Mao – Vice Chair, State Education talks about Maine’s progress within the last 8 years. Broadband – 2001 e-rate fund – state paid for broadband – did not leave it to the schools to decide. Also, schools are ’required’ to spend x per student on ed tech. “As goes Maine, so goes the nation.” Is YouTube banned because of content or bandwidth?

Doug Levin – SETDA – looking forward to dramatic reform, improvement via technology. State Education Technology Trends: rising student expectations supported by the forward momentum of state led Common Course Standards movement. Must raise expectations and add new skills, too. Technology can help students to excel, or remediate. Teachers/leaders/teacherLeaders. Online Communities of Practice. Classroom based formative assessment. Learner centered personalized system in education.
1. Online and blended learning.
2. Online computer based assessment.
3. Digital and open content.
4. Share info, data, resources.

Needs: Support, Data and accountability, Infrastructure, Vision and leadership (funding)

Karen Cator, Dept of Ed, This is the forth National plan since 1996
25:40 “gaming” “Education is a knowledge industry”,
-five goals w/ recommendations:
Learning, Assessment (of what counts), Teaching (connecting), Infrastructure (24/7), Productivity (financial system proves output … ha! This is a big deal because at AAC&U there were whispers of funding based on graduation rates…not number of students enrolled.)

Steve Midgley – FCC – Gaps include insufficient connectivity, Regulations inhibiting online learning, Seat time vs outcomes, and Digital literacy (a solvable problem). Proposed recommendations will go to Congress March 17th: upgrade e-rate, teacher certification should go across state lines, capabilities based learning (vs. butts in seats), open licensing. Unlocking the power of data…move data. Not fax, not FedEx. Share financial strategies for online/effective learning. Digital standards to share this info. RFP network – to connect buyers/sellers.

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