Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why have an ePortfolio?

Why does one have a portfolio? To show off your stuff, right? Or to have a place where you can keep things – a storage chest of sorts – where you can store things and find them later. Sometimes students put together binders so they can turn them in for grades, but really one would want to encourage and to have an ePortfolio for the longterm.

Student centered - that’s the number one reason for portfolios.

Five years ago I attended a conference (NLII) and two guys from Berkeley were giving a presentation on the electronic card-board box. This was particularly for teachers – because teachers tend to use the same things year after year, and they have all these old ditto sheets, and workbooks that they tote around, classroom to classroom. I remember thinking how cool that would be. They could save (scan) their stuff in and keep it forever.

Mine is on this disk here, and some is on this disk. . . (old floppies).

Anyway, I remember that ah-ha moment and the reality that this is coming. I’m going to be able to store things on the internet and retrieve them when I want, where I want (as long as there is internet access). Wow.

Well – here we have it – and its name is ePortfolio.

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